About Us

We are the longest established manufacturer in Haiti.


At Atlantic Doors & Windows S.A., we are committed to quality, sustainable results, and growth. These major goals rely on the satisfaction of our clientele and that’s why we dedicate ourselves to provide them the best products and services to meet their needs. At a larger scale, we are committed to actively participate in our country’s reconstruction by supplying adequate and high quality material to the market.

We capitalize on human resources and teamwork and that’s why it’s mandatory for our personnel at all levels to follow specific seminars to be up to date with all the improvements within our industry locally and internationally and improve their skills. We also extend our mission in providing coaching sessions by our engineers at our workshop to professional schools on a regular basis in order to increase the number of qualified technicians on the housing market.


Our vision for the future is to have representations nationwide and in selected countries of the Caribbean. By integrating the Caribbean business market we will not only enlarge our network but we will also prove our capacity as a nation to expend and export our expertise and know how across borders.


We believe in innovation: Our innovation-oriented techniques assure the manufacturing of quality doors and windows that combine functionality and style.

We believe in customer satisfaction: Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority and we maintain a strong focus on this fundamental aspect in our company. Along with our expert know-how our clients benefit our free advices and flexibility meeting their expectations.

We believe in technology: Our apparels are among the best fabricated on the international market providing the latest energy-efficient technology in order to give unparalleled value to the products crafted in our warehouse. The software used is among the latest developed in this specific field.

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